time to cool down

I feel something so right doing the wrong thing

Why can’t I sleep, zzz, still worried about the outcome of things when I’m back in sg, need to stay out of trouble and lay low as much as I can, I’m really puzzled by girls, one min they can be so happy yet the next they are so moody, haiz, I don’t understand man, always makes me feel like I did something wrong even though I might not have done anything wrong, but so far it’s been such a fun trip with friends, so much different from going with my family, Taiwan is a fun place! Miss mom and dad and sis and bro and everyone back home though, feels strange not seeing them for so long

Stuck in a cycle I don’t want to get out of, lucrative and fun, wrong or right I still haven’t decided

Can’t get over this, destroying my life again, when am I gonna wake up

Everyday, I miss you so much

Everyday, I miss you so much


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Maybe I’m thinking too much, but should I check for myself for depression?


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